There’s something about this quarantining that brings me back to the days of being young and getting grounded for doing something stupid. It’s clearly the fact that we are all currently "grounded" to our homes.

I’ve honestly felt super nostalgic since this whole uproar. Of course after I worked through all the fear and anxiety first. I have always been a super nostalgic person in's truly one of the best feelings. These past weeks have brought me back to the grounded times where I couldn’t rely on venting to my friends (mainly because I didn’t have a cell phone yet) or my siblings, because I was locked in my room. I had to think of ways to get creative and get comfortable with spending time with just myself.

I keep thinking about what I used to do when I was grounded. I’d pop on my favorite cd into my boom box, dance around and perform into my hairbrush mic. I’d go through every single damn magazine and clip out my favorite images and quotes and fill every square inch of my walls and door. (( Talk about the OG moodboard. )) I’d make friendship bracelets with thread, paint my nails, read, organize my caboodle. The possibilities became endless in the tiny space of my bedroom. Hours would go by and I’d realize I surprisingly had a really good time with just me and my creative spirit.

Flash forward to 2020 global pandemic me, and things haven’t changed much. My anxiety was super heightened at the beginning of this, and I'm sure I'm not alone. My brother sent me our old Super Nintendo (I’m addicted again) because of those nostalgic feelings and throwing it back to simpler times. I’ve been listening to my vinyls day & night, baking a TON, burning candles just to feel at peace, working on new business plans and working on my fitness goals. I'm starting to find comfort in seeking new things to do even if they are confined to my own apartment. 

If you are looking for some light heartedness during these uneasy times, take a look at my "nostalgia" board on Pinterest. I promise it will shoot you back to simpler days. I also made a cute little mix on Spotify that will prompt a hairbrush microphone + mirror dancing.

Feelings of nostalgia have helped me cope with overriding my feelings of anxiety in more times than just now. Hopefully this can help you too.


Stay safe + healthy + informed + home.






April 08, 2020 — Mary Ceritelli