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Custom “Mood" Board:
— Looking for your own personal style? Want to evolve your wardrobe but don’t know where to start? Going on a trip? Attending a destination wedding?
Mood boards are so helpful to hone in on a specific aesthetic for everyday or specific event requirements. We will create a 1-2 page document based on your needs for you to reference. This will act as your cheat sheet when you’re feeling uninspired or just unsure of how to feel connected to your personal style. Think of your style as your personal “brand” and this mood board as your brand book!


Consulting: Current Wardrobe + Supplement of needs

— We will go through your personal wardrobe collectively and I will consult on how to outfit + style pieces that you already own. We can then decide on items that your wardrobe is missing and I will assist with shopping / sourcing based on your budget, body-type, etc.

$100 / hour


Event + Personal Styling:

— Brand photoshoots, family photos, weddings, company headshots etc. This is where you can book a time to come shop in person. We will collectively shop the Bryant Park assortment. Not finding what we need at Bryant Park? We will help search elsewhere!

Pricing may vary - please email for more details!


Looking for assistance that isn't listed? Please feel free to reach out - we are always here to help and are eager to work with you!